Dear Diary

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New Delhi, September 22, 2022 (7.45 PM)

I thought I’d have this under control by now, but things seem to be getting more and more heated between us. I believe he’s still a mystery to whoever’s reading this entry, so I’ll call him Jay.

I think Jay is also into me. Maybe I’m looking for signs where there aren’t any, but I’m pretty certain at this point.

We had a lot of interactions today, but I think all those pales in comparison to the once incident I’m still thinking about. My hand trembles just recalling it, and my heart beats wildly. It is that crazy.

It rained all through the night and into the morning. This meant rushing out of my car in the parking lot, and dashing for the front door. Almost impossible with heels on.

I took the elevator, cursing as water dripped from my body. The door was just about to close when someone blocked it and, just like me a moment before, rushed in partially drenched.

“Crazy weather,” he said.

I’d been on my phone, trying to wipe the water off the screen. But as soon as I heard that voice, I froze and craned my head up.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him.

Jay stood right there, his face glowing as he smiled.

“Oh, hey,” he said in a friendly voice. His eyes moved over me and focused on my chest. I glanced down and noticed my nipples poking clearly through my soaked shirt. I blushed and he smiled.

“You’re soaking wet,” he said, and those words floated through my ears with the soft eroticism of a man serenading his lover. I shudder and bit my lower lip.


“I mean the rain. It got you bad,” he added.

Thinking about that conversation makes me shiver in delight. It was short but electric.

We spent most of the day working, and in close proximity. It was soon night time and the office had mostly cleared out. I was buried in my computer, swallowed by work, when a knock came on my door.

I didn’t hear it at first, nor did I look up. It wasn’t until I heard his voice — and almost smelled his cologne, honestly — that I noticed his presence. He brought me coffee, he said and held up the cups.

The first few buttons of my shirt were loose, and this gave a pretty good view of my cleavage and the pink lining of my sheer lace bra. I blushed deeply when his eyes focused on them. I wanted to look into his eyes, maybe draw his gaze, but I wasn’t sure if he’d feel embarrassed and look away.

He placed the cups on the desk and walked around to my side.

“Let’s see what you’re working on,” he whispered. At this point everything he said seemed to come out in sweet whispers, sending those tingling chills through my body.

He stood beside me; his body so close to mine. I felt the brush of his arm when he leaned closer.

“You smell nice,” he said.

I turned my head and our faces bumped slightly, and his lips touched mine. I had no idea he was that close. It lasted less than the fraction of a second, that touch, but it felt like forever. Our eyes met and we were both frozen.

He apologized and I told him it was naughty. I was burning up at that point. All he had to do was touch me again and I knew I’d be creaming all over. I needed that badly. I wanted him to stop apologizing and do it again.

He seemed to read my thoughts. Our eyes were locked in an intense gaze. The longer we held that gaze, the hotter and more aroused I became. I gulped slowly when he moved closer, inch by inch.

It’s finally happening, I heard myself screaming inside my head.

There was that one line, and I know if we could somehow cross it, we wouldn’t think about anything else. I didn’t want to be the one to cross it — he’s taken, for Christ’s sake — but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he did it himself.
just as our lips were about to touch, someone knocked on the door.

I closed my eyes and cursed under my breath. Jay composed himself and glanced up. It was just the secretary; she’d forgotten something.

It ended like that — Jay had to leave; the moment ruined. But he gave me one last look with a smile on his face.



I am someone who appreciates honesty and humanity. I love writing & drinking a glass of Red Wine!

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