Happy International Female Orgasm Day!

While struggling with emotions, ruining my work, unable to hold anything and throwing things everywhere I guessed it was hypoglycaemia, my anger wasn’t settling down, lurking for a swift outburst for my emotions, finally I sat down while clasping my face in my hands and began thinking of all the disappointments Ankush bought to me in our relationship.

Our fairy tale love story began bumping into the realities of life where priorities were changing with an ease. His choice to leave Delhi soon was the reality that has hit me hard on my face. This man was my bright morning sun to my late night moon, I wasn’t ready for this long distance relationship, and I didn’t want him to go.

My ringing phone distracted me from my never ending thoughts, it was Kunal. Certainly for screwing up with the work, my work has always served as a way out from the worldly dramas. Yet the pain of tearing apart from your emotional support is always huge, for me loving my work never meant ignorance to my little perfect world.

I sounded completely professional to him in my tone, after all bosses aren’t meant to take out your outburst. Though my mind wasn’t alert to go through all the instructions for modification, I recorded the conversation to be focussed later and hung up on the call. Within seconds there was another call, again Kunal, at times work can irritate you and it was like switching my personal and professional mood to on and off.

Hi! Are you okay? This was not usual, our conversations don’t include this, for sure he could sense the willingly covered up things.

“It is midnight, so don’t worry I am not going to pour work, take it as personal”, all negative thoughts about this genuine person occupied my mind.

Still convincing myself, I shared my emotional trauma, and frankly it was rare as we formed a mutual connection.

Midnight turned into three, “Happy International Women Orgasm day”, his words astonished me, on realising the fact that we celebrate such days as well. My curious state of mind, gave me admittance into a new world as I asked, “Is it for women only?”

He enlightened me to the facts about being a women and her orgasm, his definition of orgasm was never experienced by me, I was hesitant in the beginning to let him know that this is something not usual to me, while it felt more like being unaware about myself.

Kept on listening to all those technical terms he used to explain, till I found him repeating his words, “When was the last time you experienced it?”I sounded meek while telling him, Never!

My never, served as an opening pitch to him where he might have planned his six, there was a sudden change in his voice, he became seductive from technical, my night was taking twists after every hour from beginning from emotional, to surprisingly friendly and now seducing.

It was all mysterious, my body started reacting to every word he spoke while I made my legs contract and tried every inch to distract myself and the conversations, until he expressed his desire to make me feel my orgasm, the thought of disconnecting the phone was wandering in my mind but my body was being regulated by him.

Wanted to experience what I was deprived off, despite of being a part of sexual relationship this seemed as absorbing, for me his climax used to be mine as well, today my urge to experience my climax was escalated.

Even the state of mind was now in his control only, he decided to lead my way as a social responsibility on this International Women orgasm day, to make a woman feel her own orgasm.

He commanded me to lay down, get rid of my own burdens including my clothes as I kept on following him, my nipples were already hard, he expressed his desires and I followed them, squeezing my breasts hard, clipping my nipples in my fingers, experiencing the curves in my body and moving my another hand down to my pussy it was all damp there, finding clit in itself was a pleasure, rubbing my fingers around it while taking those juices and moving them around the clit and moving to my hole, pulled my legs apart up in the air, touching my thighs and finally inserting my fingers inside and caressing my clit with my thumb, produced the motion to and fro, those flexible muscles were contracting, while my juices had made it extreme soft.

Taking my fingers out, loved the fragrance of my gentle vagina, felt like worth struggle. I found my climax with the shiver in my legs, my vaginal busted for the very first time in life as I realised my bottom was boundless, while he was still there on the other side waiting for me.

His passionate attempt made me forget about his pleasure it was all about me for this night, while he wished to offer himself in place of those fingers and his tongue to get himself serve the climax, left me intrigued and fascinated.

While facing the reality once again, I wrapped myself around the sheet for the left over night. The emotions and pleasure both can be dangerous and their combination is deadly.

My body worked on his leads while my heart and mind were shut as they were still stuck to the fact of being in a relationship, my loyalty was at stake, a guilt covered my body for choosing the bodily pleasure over love.

Taking my steps back from those overwhelming passions, I am still stuck to the question of what is more worthy?



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Anushka Mehta

Anushka Mehta

Im someone who appreciates honesty and humanity. I love writing and drinking a glass of Red Wine! https://ko-fi.com/anushkamehta