Long Story: The Window ( Part-1)

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It had been simple at first, the news channels airing out how important it is to stay back at home and how vulnerably we are being exposed to the virus.! It was scary. The death toll, the challenges, the precautions everything…!!

Then the part where we remain inside.! It sounded fun in the start. I had readily admitted as much, but the novelty had worn off after a few days. I just wanted to hit a club or just go into the streets or atleast to go back home to my parents. None of that happened anyway. It was depressing staying at home alone. I was stuck.! The plane tickets weren’t available to travel across a continent, No street shops were open to go shopping and kill time and clubs were told to be kept shut till an official notice.! The police stroll down on the roads not allowing even the morning walks.!! The fact is simple right..?! It’s for our own safety.! But it’s getting so boring. So tiresome! And so mentally unhealthy ! I was so done staying inside. But there’s nothing we could do about that. Rather stay alive inside than go out, get infected and die of corona.!

I always imagined that being told to stay home from work and being paid to do so would be a dream come true. Getting what you wished for, like so many other things in life, was not so enjoyable.! And when I started to live that wish in real life, there I was sitting and cursing the coronavirus, COVID-19, or whatever its proper name is, in less than a month.!! God… I was so fed up..!! Screw the Plague.!!

I got my sit out table adored with a bottle of sanitizer, same went with my kitchen cabin, inside every cupboard and on my bed stand as well. Not to forget, inside my handbag and purse too!! The scented sanitizer, the purely spirited one, the viscous one.. I’ve got it all.!! In a very short time we just grew fond of this lil thing.! More than shopping for some party wears on Myntra like how I used to do, I searched and ordered for masks those days..!!

So Yeah.. Staying cautious.!! The virus had snatched our freedom in front of our eyes and we were able to do nothing about it.!!! Sweet life.!!

Being told not to leave the house with every passing day made me want to leave it even more.. ! Despite having an infinite number of channels and streaming services, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch on television. ! I tried to keep myself busy by cleaning my already clean apartment. I artistically shuffled the furniture around. Rearranged the house. Painted my room blue. And after my office hours I just paced downstairs, upstairs, and attempted to take a nap. Because I was not really doing any physical efforts, No travelling, No going to the cafeteria down the street nor do I walk back to my flat and burn calories all along.! I just wake up, open my laptop, get the work done, make necessary phone calls, eat and then that’s it.! I wished I could invite someone over to my place but everybody had gone home. I was the only one who couldn’t get the tickets in time.! Bad for me…!

But then suddenly on a Sunday I came across my next-door neighbour. Of course, it was a complete accident..! Not a pleasant one in the first look.! But it was somewhat….well…! Steamy I must say..!! Nothing I imagined I would pull off in such a situation. But life is surprising.!

That wasn’t the first time I was seeing him. Long before the lockdown, I had seen him by the gym and during my jogging hours. He was a regular workout person, so was me!. And if not for workout hours, there was no way we we would have crossed paths as both of us shared tight schedules on our workdays. But after that day, he had told me that he’s noticed me by the pub every now and then but had no idea I lived opposite. Neither did I realise he was my neighbour until that one Sunday.

He was the guy who was tall enough for a man although those are just stereotypes, But I guess for a magnitude of measurement, just a bit taller than me.! A healthy build and dusky tone. Hair messy whenever I saw him and the veins that popped up on his arms as he jogged. He was a nice guy to look at.! Not the Greek god looks waala guy like in the bollywood movies but a genuinely attractive guy. Lets say if things fell in place, The kind of guy I’d without second thoughty would take a chance on.! So that’s that. I was somewhat into him and I had not realised it myself.!

He was pacing upstairs one morning, going back and forth between his room and the spare bedroom, moving things from one place to another for no reason other than just to do it for the sake of it. Just like me. To kill some time. I think he was also done staying indoors.! At the same time as he passed by the hall window, I was near mine as well. And Harsh by chance, turned toward the window to look out. And I was there. In my robe.!!

Nothing but my robe.!

I didn’t realise that he was looking through the window. It was a sunday. And I was looking into my closet for a good pair of PJ’s to enjoy the weekend in. I wasn’t paying attention to if the window was open or not, if the curtain was in place or not.!

And then… I opened my robe.!

Slowly and steadily it slid down through my shoulders and reached halfway to my arms, exposing my curves. My wet hair slipped past the fabric of the robe and fell onto the skin of my back making the area damp with dripping water drops. I was just out from a hot shower. I raised my arms trying to stretch myself and turned to the side as the robe moved even more down exposing my bare chest and tummy.!

I came to a halt, arms raised and hands toying with the cloth in my hand. My gaze was suddenly drawn across the room to Harsh’s who lived in the apartment directly across from mine.!

He stood there stuck with his grasp tightened on the cardboard box he was carrying. He was staring through the glass window at me.!!


I zipped up my robe in a nick of time.!

A surge of blood made the constriction of his grey sweatpants much tighter as heat scorched his face. Even my cheeks burned at my carelessness. But It was evident. He was aroused from what he just saw. I could make out his facial expressions which read that he liked what he was watching earlier.!!

Harsh regained his form, dropping the box onto the floor as he pressed his hands on the bulge in his pants. He was trying hard not to make it look awkward.

He crept up to the window and gazed out at me cautiously.

I was still standing there by mine. My long dark curls cascaded over my now robed shoulders. I had tied a tight knot in the robe. This is really getting intense now.!

I gave a small wave when I noticed him looking at me with an expression that said he wasn’t supposed to see what he saw.!

Oh well.!! I gave him a smile and a shrug of my shoulder.! Let’s play this cool shall we.?!

Harsh took a step back into the spotlight. He waved back and cocked his head to the side shyly. Finally, he glanced straight at me, guilty, but shrugged his shoulders in response.

I bursted out laughing.! Well well well..! That’s a sweet guy out there.

He complimented me by showing a thumbs up in my direction.! Aaha…there we go to the good part.

So I motioned him to come to a halt with my hand. I made a motion with my fingers from my eyes to his, as if to say, “I showed you mine, now show me yours.” I raised an eyebrow challenging him to show what he’s got now that he had judged mine.!

Staying indoors can be made interesting in good ways.! And this distance between us unlike most times is only adding some fuel to the igniting fire inside of me. Lets give this a shot.!

Harsh’s pupils dilated. I can say that he wasn’t expecting that from a girl who happened to get naked infront of him unknowingly. That surprise was evident on his face.

No.., he said, shaking his head, embarrassed.

Not gonna give in so easily.? We got plenty of time so don’t worry.! I thought to myself.

I flipped my hair from my shoulder as I slowly started to undo the knot of my robe. His eyes as expected followed my hands as I ever so slowly untied the robe. I moved my head to the side as if asking him,

‘Want more?’

He shook his head in disbelief, shifting from the guilty expression to ‘if you wanna play we’ll definitely play the game’ face.!

He placed himself leaning to the window side and tied his hands across his chest and shrugged his shoulders as if saying ‘maybe!’

He is interesting.! I thought inside. And he seemed interested.! More…he says huh.!!!

I slowly moved the top of my robe to a side revealing the skin of my right breast. He could see my cleavage and till the border of my nips but not entirely. What’s the fun if I do that.?!

I saw him take a sharp breath in as I saw his pants get visible with the bulge. Although he’s trying to play it cool his body is giving away what he’s feeling. His face started to get pale and his face got serious. Harsh’s eyes crossed mine and he mouthed to me the word ‘Danger’ before he peeked down at himself getting a view of his erection. He peered back at me. Yeah I’m responsible for that.! Happily I am.!!

He yanked off his T-shirt exposing his well built body. And my eyes wandered over to his broad chest, hard abs and to his biceps. He looked moderate but man..who knew what was hiding beneath!!

“Not bad.!” I said with a smile lingering on my lips.

I moved the robe further down through the side exposing one of my nips to his view. I slowly ran my hands from the side of my neck to my chest and across my bare breasts before running my forefinger in circles around the exposed nipple as I closed my eyes. I arched my back and moved my head seductively to the side.!

I opened my eyes moving closer to the window, with my robe that had slipped to one side.

‘Your turn!’ I said touching his image on my glass window.

He licked his lips, manipulated so much by what was going on around him.!



I am someone who appreciates honesty and humanity. I love writing & drinking a glass of Red Wine! https://patreon.com/AnushkaMehta?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm

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