As I glided in the insides of the ocean, I could feel the water currents slide past my thighs and send a ripple through me. It was pure ecstasy that I felt. A sense of immense peace and beauty that lay ahead of me.

I had made my way to Havelock Island, FINALLY, and had enrolled myself for a coral dive. I had shown up in my bottle green two piece with a mud-brown sarong wrapped snuggly around my waist. I had looked sexy and fit right into the hues of blue and sea green that the island was surrounded by. But I found out that we had to put on a diving suit.

It was a skin tight suit and, surprisingly, it accentuated my curves way more than the bikini did. I was satisfied with how I looked and I beca immediately hopeful about the dive when I saw my instructor. He was a tall, dark and handsome Italian man with soft curls and dark brown eyes.

“Hello there! Aren’t you looking pretty in that dive suit! I’m Nigel and I’ll be your dive-guide for today.”

It took me a while to recover from his obvious charms and concentrate on what he was saying. After listening to his instructions for about an hour, and ensuring that I knew the under-water signals and signs, we began loading the boat. As the boat was stationed in the water, I found it difficult to climb on. Nigel put out his hand to pull me up and I think my heart gave way then and there.

After an hour of diving into the sea, we reached our destination. There was good conversation and green tea on board and I relished them both. After we reached the coral reef, Nigel started putting equipment on my body. I could feel his breath brush my ear as he tightened my diving jacket and cylinder. I suppressed a shiver. He helped me down from the boat and we began our descent.

I had to tell you about Nigel because otherwise you wouldn’t have understood the sensual power of the sea. The moment I started descending into the depths, I forgot all about Nigel and his charms. I could feel the cold currents run past my inner thighs and send chills down my spine. And the silence. I had never experienced such absolute absence of any sound.

Everything was so much slower, deliberate and peaceful. I felt a load lift off my chest and I sighed in relief. There was a sense of belonging in the sea. It made me feel like maybe this was how life was supposed to be lived. And as my body aligned with the water and slid through it,

I could feel each and every nerve come alive. We were deep enough now, and were moving towards the corals. Movement under the sea was so fluid and sensual that I couldn’t help but marvel on it. Maybe this is what flying feels like. With just a jerk of the fins on my feet I glided forward so easily and steadily that it made me feel amazing.

And then there were the fishes. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and all at once. The scenery that lay in front of my eyes was a kaleidoscope of colours that somehow worked like an aphrodisiac on me. The water pressure had numbed my ears and heightened my sense of touch. As I felt small fishes brush on my thighs, my arms, my breasts, I felt blood rush to my cheeks.

It was only when Nigel held my hand to assist my past a cave-like structure in the corals that I remembered I was not alone. I looked at him. His dusky skin was shimmering in the little sunlight that filtered down on us. He hadn’t put on a full body diving suit, and I was glad he hadn’t.

His back was bare and his muscles flexed and he manoeuvred his body forwards. I could feel my legs go a little number and fire bun in my inner thighs. I could’ve looked at him all day. But then there were more compelling sights to see.

The corals were of as many colours as the fishes and pink, purple and red start fishes dotted the sea bed. It looked like someone has strategically places all of these things together to make a recess of utmost beauty in the middle of this world that generally seems to have withered.

I held on to Nigel’s hand long past necessity, and I think he took the hint. He pulled me by his side and slid his fingers into mine, as we moved to the point we had started from. And from there, we slowly began our ascent towards the boat.

Nigel was certain of my crush on him, now. Perhaps more sure of it than I was. He held me by my waist and lifted me into the boat. I visibly shivered at this gesture and I saw him smile from the corner of my eye. I blushed and turned crimson.

I knew that I will be diving again, and diving here and didn’t with Nigel. But first there was this compelling chemistry with the sea and the man I met in it, that needed solving!

Im someone who appreciates honesty and humanity. I love writing and drinking a glass of Red Wine!