What Turns Us On!

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According to me, there are two kinds of men; Alex Hitchens and Albert Brennaman from Hitch. Alex, played by Will Smith, is the ‘O.G.’ of the dating world with distinguished expertise in arousing women with his every single act. He knows exactly what turns a woman on, whereas Albert, played by Kevin James, is head over heels for a celebrity who is totally out of his league (according to him!)

Hitch guides Albert in pursuing his love interest and suggests how to go about it. When a movie can guide men to understand what pulls a woman’s heartstrings and makes her fall head over heels for a man, why can’t I pitch in for a hitch? So, I have decided to write this guide for you all.

Contrary to what the world keeps believing, women are not a complicated gender. We are pretty simple to understand, and it is even easier to take us on cloud 9 with subtlety and umm.. just nothing, I guess, because guys, your simplest acts tempt us. To all the men trying hard just because they promised ‘Chaand thodke laa Sakti hu tere liye,’ here are a few simple things women fall for, and you don’t even have to take her on a 7-star date.

Let us roll over some simple traits of men that pique us for no reason.

The best trait of a man, in my opinion, is his listening skills. The best lovers are the best listeners. Women who get to confide in a man with confidence and trust are the luckiest. And, we don’t let go of such gems easily. Guys, so don’t think you can just pretend it. We can sense fake attention. What all really matters is, are you listening?

Women have an eye for detail, when it is especially the man of their dreams. Do you know what it takes to satisfy a woman? You don’t have to put in much effort. There is nothing more pleasant than looking at you all day. ‘Mann pasand ka ladka’ is attractive in every way possible. The way he walks, the way he eats, and the way he holds that glass of single malt in his hand. Woah, the list is endless. The boyfriend potential is right there in the candid body language. For instance, when a man places his hand on the small of your back to guide you through the route!! OMG! Could it be any hotter!?

A man is a major turn on when he turns from this hmm-this-guy-is-a-catch to omg-this-guy-is-not-only-a-catch-but-he-can-also-fix-things!!! Imagine initially dating a guy who helps you with your partially built Ikea bookshelf on your first date. Girl, this Mr. Fix it is a keeper. You just hit the Jackpot! A man who is chivalrous and comes in handy at times of crises can turntables.

Women like men who listen, but they also like men who talk passionately and honestly. I mean, girl, how often do men put their hearts out in front of a woman? If you find such a man, remember, he is a keeper. I have had this amazing opportunity to meet men who read a lot and are a part of book clubs and social clubs. Trust me, these men are straight out of Korean dramas. How can you not fall over him? Contrary to all the romance, you forget the world listening to these kinds of men.

P.S. – Small Talks are off the table, fellas!

For women, it is the smallest of acts that matter. Imagine your man placing his hand on the headrest behind you to reverse the vehicle safely while driving. That is a legit reason to fall for him! Security is sexy. Also, can we please mention the spot-on parallel parking and turning the steering wheel with their palm like a pro! These things are hella attractive to a woman!

A man with kindness is so endearing; the reason why Keanu is so loved and retroactively awarded “Sexiest man alive” in 2015 by People’s Magazine. Tipping a waiter, complimenting the postman for his services, or even helping a visually impaired man cross the road is truly endearing, no matter how small they are. Does it throw a glimpse into his attitude or how he would treat you? Absolutely, yes. But guys, don’t do it just for the sake of it or to attract women; that’s a big turn-off. We can sense the genuineness of your acts, thanks to our strong women instincts.

Oh, wait! I can’t forget to mention how men are cute with kids, cats, and dogs. They are hands-on the most attractive. Watching a tall, built guy being all gentle and playful with little kids and animals is a beauty worth beholding.

Well, let me add one more weird habit of women to this list of turn-ons. As much as it sounds strange to you, looking at men preoccupied with their work at hand is a great turn-on. Ain’t it hot, girl!? There is something about their body language, undeterred attention on their task, and sincerity while they are fully indulged in a task.

Let me reflect on an unpopular opinion among the female fraternity. Seldom do men get a chance to jump into formal attire for an important business meeting or a family event? But, a man in his well-tailored suit can sweep any woman off her feet! Men in formal attire are classy, neat (just how we like it), and send a gentleman vibe. How can you not find it charming, girl? It’s a crime.

The unintentional ruffling through hair is a thirst trap for women. Men who comb their hair with bare hands in front of small mirrors or window while passing through any aisle or shopping compound gets all the good attention they never asked for.

Here are some more surprisingly small acts of men that turn women on

  • Doing the dishes after a Michelin level cooking; there is nothing hotter than a man who cleans up after the mess he creates
  • Men who give a break to their women after a tiring day are husband-material. Men who realize and respect the ‘space’ are rare species.
  • Genuinely apologizing when he is at fault and standing up for himself when he thinks he is misunderstood in any conversation. Confidence is one thing that fascinates women.
  • Men who stretch their body first thing after waking up. Their flex, though, uffff!! Fireworks in the background!
  • When he calls you by your name instead of trading it for baby, honey, or sugar pie. Thanks to him, your name sounds heavenly now.
  • When they keep noticing you from the corner of their eyes and divert their gazes on being caught. The hide and seek just got steamy, you all!! Ain’t it cute?
  • This is my personal favourite. A man who reads fiction and likes to talk about it with enthusiasm and passion. That’s a major turn-on for me!! What about you?

These are just a few simple things that men do unknowingly and unintentionally that bewitch women. If you are a woman, which one of these acts turns you on? Don’t forget to give your two cents on what, according to you, is attractive in a man that makes him a catch.



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