When Ranveer Singh’s Bum Becomes ‘National Issue’

Anushka Mehta
5 min readJul 28, 2022


Okay, we are probably making a big deal out of an innocent ass that got exposed during a celebrity photoshoot. You know exactly what we are talking about. Last week, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh faced the heat of the sensitive souls who got offended by a nude photoshoot exclusively organized by the Paper Magazine. In the pictures, you can see an all-bare Ranveer Singh tossing himself off on a Turkish carpet, wearing nothing except his attitude. To some, the act was revolutionizing, empowering, and an unabashed acceptance of the unchangeable fact of life (let’s not forget this is how we all were born), and to others, it was simply a ‘daring’ act. While a fair percentage of women frowned upon the pictures with the ugliest of ‘ughs’ and ‘eews’, some were drooling over his perfectly sculpted silhouette, and why not? Ranveer’s pictures did manage to drop a good number of jaws while some simply couldn’t stop their laugh. Some of the so-called messiah of ‘Indian culture’ reacted as if the actor crossed all lines of decency and took a sinful step against the Indian culture. Probably they forgot that Indian culture is deeply rooted in texts such as Kama Sutra and erotic sculptures on the temple walls of our country. We live in a land of hypocrisy. On one hand, we worship nude images of deities, be respectful towards naked followers of some sects, but whenever there is a celebrity exposing a part of his or her body, we take offense.

Coming back to Ranveer’s case, it was all okay till it continued to grab the attention of WhatsApp users and became the top meme material for companies around the country. But the episode became a national issue, when it entered the newsroom of top channels, and when absurd things such as publicly organized ‘clothes donation’ and FIR for obscenity started surfacing against the Bajirao Mastani actor.

Apparently, the photoshoot did not go down well with not just a few, but many. It looks like Ranveer Singh’s daring act has come as a shocker to the entire country! Soon after the pictures from the photoshoot spread like a wild fire and started garnering unwanted attention, we heard stories of FIR being filed against the actor by Mumbai police. Even the tonality of the FIR filed was such that all blames are pinned on Ranveer’s photoshoot for polluting the Indian culture. Ranveer has been booked under Sections 292 (sale or circulation of obscene books etc), 293 (Sale of obscene objects to young person), and 509 (insulting the modesty of any woman) of the Indian Penal Code and various provisions of the Information Technology Act. Phew!

This is disrespectful at many levels. First, you are creating unnecessary hullabaloo over a naked man’s ass who is probably doing a favour by ditching his glittery wardrobe, second, you are having a problem with the ‘female gaze’ the pictures are bound to generate.

Let us first understand what a nude photoshoot is. It is same like a celebrity fashion photoshoot, except that the models/actors must expose it all. Now, the pictures do not necessarily showcase their intimate areas or private parts, these parts are either darkened or hidden away with the use of hands or some pose. Every one popular face in three has probably done a nude photoshoot in his or her life in Hollywood, and it is really nothing to create a hullabaloo about. Whether it is Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bella Hadid, Madonna, Rita Ora, Ben Affleck, Ewan McGregor and Tom Cruise — they have all been in ‘a state of nature’ because of their professional needs.

Now coming back to the Indian arena, actors too have shown skin every now and then for their personal and professional reasons. Just a couple of years ago, Milind Soman ran naked on a beach on his 55th birthday infuriating netizens who were aghast with this act. Nudity — just does not go down well with some people, and has become a point of discussion for those who show more interest in an exposed ass than more important concerns of the country.

Speaking of the man in question here, Ranveer Singh has always been known for his flashy and easy-go-lucky fashion sense. An A-lister who has acted in many big blockbusters, he is now married to Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone — who is usually appreciated for her uber chic fashion statements. Padukone has shown support to her husband for the whole episode. Ranveer Singh has always surprised people with his colourful and unique dressing sense, but this time, his creativity has touched the roof. Well, the actor decided to shed ’em clothes and show off his buttocks and groin area.

Here’s what the picture should actually do. Instead of disparaging the actor, let’s acknowledge his guts. In the world of glamour, skin show is common and comparing Ranveer Singh with Neeraj Chopra does no justice. And for a fact, we must accept that just like a hot ‘topless model’ is a thing, ‘bottomless actor’ can be equally appealing to some. Yes, women do lust over celebrity men, and it is okay. After all, if Tom Cruise can do it and become a hit among girls, why can’t an Indian actor pull off a similar string without raising eyebrows?

Nudity is not everyone’s cup of tea, fine. But making such a hue and cry over it is such a sheer waste of time, energy and totally unnecessary! After all, what is so intriguing about a grown, hairy ass? I’m all down with it as long as it doesn’t impact my existence or views on life. The popping of naked images can certainly be avoided by staying aloof from the news itself. Those unnecessarily creating a hype over it should take a break and focus on more important things in their lives. It is high time we stopped making a big deal out of people’s bare bodies!



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